Building Design Queensland’s 2022 Commercial Design of the year

This unpretentious but bold design fits perfectly into its streetscape. The spectacular street frontage is the highlight of several features that makes this project a stand out. Clean lines and conservative interiors would appeal to most professions as a high-end office space.

Photo budget | 25 twilight photos incorporating people/cars $450 

Video budget | 90 second video with day/night transitions, animated text, basic sound design, sky replacement, speed ramps, integration of people/cars $1250

Total budget | $1700

Time spent at house | 3 hours

Shot for VHD Studios 0409 788 872

“VHD Studio has been engaging Statik Illusions to photograph our projects since our inception in 2016.   We have always found Ben to be flexible and easy to work with as well as having a great eye.  We would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for Built Environment Photography” – Craig @ VHD Studios