Shane Denman Architect has created a home with strong, yet simple design cues; that sits comfortably within the power & character of the site on which it is placed. The clarity of the design approach carries into the interior, where the elegantly simple, yet practical spaces add to the appreciation of the site’s beauty. All selections inside & outside, have been carefully considered to ensure that the home ages well, for years to come – ignoring trends; the home feels just as inviting today, as it did when it was completed in December 2016.

Photo budget | 40 sunset photos $500 8 aerial photos $260

Floorplan budget | floorplan redraw from builders plan $90

Video budget | 90 second video, animated text, drone, expansive sound design, scenes shot at night $1150

Total budget | $2000

Time spent at house | 5 hours

Shot for Matthew De Maid @ Ecology Property 0422 135 756