“Cooby Park” The epitome of lifestyle living with this modern Queenslander built by National Award Winning builder, Nick Ruhle Homes, is in a class of its own on 240 acres of undulating country overlooking Cooby Dam, only 10 minutes from Highfields and 20 minutes from Toowoomba.

Photo budget | 60 daytime photos $600 20 lifestyle photos (bikes/horses/cattle/fishing) $300 15 aerial photos $360

Floorplan budget | floorplan redraw from builders plan $90 siteplan $100

Video budget | 120 second video with day/night transitions, animated text, masked text, tracking drone shots, drop pins, integration of model/bike/quadbike/horse/tennis, sky replacements, extensive sound design, speed ramps, scenes shot on sunset $3500

Total budget | $4950

Time spent at house | 15 hours

Shot for Kent Woodford @ Ray White Highfields 0411 644 376