Perched majestically on the verge of the escarpment with unimpeded views of Table Top Mountain; you can’t help but feel elevated by the phenomenal vista and epic scale of this impeccably designed residence. A bespoke blend of stone and timber emanates a lifestyle of luxury and refinement, whilst its selection of high end finishes, atmospheric lighting and abundance of glass accentuate the beautiful depth of colours and textures within.

Photo budget | 50 twilight photos $650 8 aerial photos $260

Floorplan budget | floorplan redraw from builders plan $90

Video budget | 120 second video with day/night transitions, animated text, masked text, tracking outlined drone, sky replacements, multiple timelapses, faded motion slides, expansive sound design, speed ramps, integration of model, integration of car, scenes shot on sunrise $3000

Total budget | $4000

Time spent at house | 18 hours

Shot for Matthew De Maid @ Ecology Property 0422 135 756